Monday, January 12, 2009

Nas Killed Hip Hop???

I really dont want 2 even waste your time and my own by posting this.
the verdict is in Souljah Boy is a fucking idiot. He's 18 yes, entertaining yes, ignorant yes, rich yes, comedian yes, coon yes.
The King of the Internet?
I have soooo much 2 say
Its like claiming to be the best JV basket ballplayer in a world of NBA players
not much 2 brag about.
Bottom line is the quality of music is down in the genre of "Hip Hop"
and the good that is being made is taken for granted because its harder to find
and that discourages people from looking for it or trying to make it
He makes one point that Wayne's popularity has everything to do with him making a FAAAAR fetched proclamation @ the time of being the best rapper alive.
We all listened looking for proof
and BAM
you got the whole world hooked by copying Jay-Z's and Andre 3000's swag and used those styles minus the content and inserted the more ignorant side of subject matter
to the point it was matter less and used the biggest gimmick ever MONEY!
and whats the root of all evil?
Hmmm he is influencing an entire generation
we forget its JUST entertainment.
Sorry buuuut Lil Wayne should never be compared to Obama.
Nas wasnt the first to say Hip Hop is Dead
he just brought it to the attention of the rest of the world
thats why it wont go away is the fact that its true.
Hip Hop itself isnt dead but the style of Hip Hop
We all got used to isnt in demand anymore.
What is?
Nas named his album "Hip Hop Is Dead" much like he named his album "Nigger"
to get attention to his brand of music that isnt bad but has no shock value in itself
so the title @ least needs to grab you
He encouraged dialogue even if his beats couldnt
Its funny because a Hip Hop artist isnt considered creative
til the moment he or she steps outside of the box Hip Hop has created..
Its like the world doesnt even see Hip Hop as music
til the artist creates something bigger than Hip Hop.
Every Rapper wants to be a MC
every MC wants to be an Artist.
Hip Hop artists are bored of themselves and so are the fans...
Likes like a church
and church is only as powerful as its congregation
So yes Hip Hop may be dead but theres life after death..
If there is than my next album will be the most completely complex planned suicide.
If this is what Hip Hop is thats out right now I dont want to live in this box.
Just make music. Let the people label you.
Because they will either way!!
Damn I am sleepy *yawwwwwn*
leave a comment I will reply in the A.M.
Goodnight world.



Holly said...

Kill the genre, Def. Let's face it, we'd all be happier in a genre-less, color-blind and label-less world. Peace.

phez said...

Yes, and real art becomes the best claimed by the people, through your art, not for the people but a higher consciousness and awareness than one self.