Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Notes About Something Entry I: A Song Called Something.

WAAAAAAAAAAY back in May of 2008 I released an album all by my only I called it "Something" and I am preparing the remixed re released version of it in Febuary of 09 (lord willin). Until then I have decided to write a journal on each song and the thought process put into it all and release each song via my blog. So enter.... Something.....

1. A Song Called Something

I believe you’re first words on you’re first album are thee
most important of you're career.

Its like you’re first step or first breath except everyone
hears it and says in their minds do I really wanna sit through the rest of
this??? I hoped the answer for me would be yes. There are 3 different versions
of the first verse which was the last verse recorded 4 the album before Mat and
I began mixing it. At first the beginning was

“Fuck what you heard homie I’m
from Cali!

shall we,

start the

album off with a big bang theory

huh? Like hear me

nah they don’t hear me and I’m Def!”

and so on… I felt it was a great statement (BAM I put on 4 my city! ha) it is still til
this day my favorite of all of the intro verses but due to flow and and just consistency it
started the album off roughly (Listen to the song to hear the actual intro
verse used btw). I was HYPED about starting off the record with a curse word
hahaha. I mean its like my babies first word was “fuck” and that’s the lord of
the curse words in my opinion it don’t get anymore fucked up than that. I told
R.C. the beat felt like a breath of fresh air and sounded like a new beginning
so why not begin with such energy? I also had a friend Keith (I thank you 4 you were an
amazing help sir) who was studying music
at USC he ended up orchestrating the strings in
the song at the end which takes the song to a new more theatrical level. Then after about a week of sitting with the rough mix 2
kick it up another notch BAM! I brought in the likes of Javon Johnson, Nikki Blak,
Kyndal, Marc Payne, Mr. Poetic, Brandon, Aja Monet, H.O.P.E., Youssef, Will
Richardson, Julien, and this other girl (I HONESTLY don’t remember her name but
she was randomly in my session so she’s on there) all come in to the studio and
say a lil something something special over the strings stating sentences containing the word “Something. Some ask why call the album
Something? Its soooooo vague, I say
because it aint perfect. But really ask yourself what is? Nothing!

Right, and my albums not called nothing…..

Its “Something.”

Experience the song here

Download link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IW8OIUMA

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