Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Notes About "Something" Entry #3: S.A.G.

S.A.G. was a song pitched 2 me by Chuck aka Three-1-Zero
I was in the middle of filming the making of the "Something."album
(called the DEFcumentary)
about maybe 5 songs deep
So Sterling came through with the camera to Chucks crib in Northridge
and Chuck spelled it all out 4 me.
This song was gonna be like a lyrical exercise
or dress rehearsal
he said S.A.G. stands for Screen Actors Guild
so what he wanted was to take one sample (Harvey's Tune)
flip it 3 different ways on one track.
Make it just more than a song more of a production
where he would play the director I would play the actor
on the set of a song.
He said he wanted me 2 rap 3 different yet unexpectedly cliche styles
like the first verse should be street and violent
over very gritty drums
The 2nd verse should be "jiggy" and very club friendly bars
over 808's and slappy southern drums almost Three 6 Mafia steeze
Then the final verse we debated a bit about on camera
We finally settled on rapping like an extreme space traveling backpacker
who is so confusing he makes no sense (people prob. think I am already that dude)
over a very spacey reversed track.
So its really making fun of everyone and everything in rap.
I feel it was executed tastefully
and its one of my favorite joints 2 perform live with props and costume changes and all!
I wanna do a Part 2 soon
but for now
Download and experience S.A.G. right HERE

speaking of live shows please be in attendence
to the best show you might peep in this young year of ours
resized spliff


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