Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Its Colder When Its Sung Live

"I know ya family's going through...Something?"

The T Baby phenomenon is getting alot of love across the nation..
We would never no how cold it could possibly get in Detroit
without her
Even her local radio station asked her to come down and do a live rendition of the internet smash hit!
Notice the edited version... And how she swaglessly looks over to her friends for approval of each edit and she still slips and says "Nigga" twice.
This is just one of those REALLY bad car accidents you cant stop looking @ on the freeway.



Aja Monet said...

lmao. hahahahahhahaha. where are her friends? is anyone telling her this dont sound too cool?

Eden said...

this is just really amazing to you have a pretty good idea of my different laughs... this one gets the laugh where i look constipated and am short of breath... bahahahahaha